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Sunlux Energy Corporation.


Business Philosophy:Integrity、Innovation、Enthusiasm、Environmental Protection



We are proud that integrity has always been a part of Sunlux’s culture and we credit all of our employees. We always work towards the best interests of Sunlux and we always keep our promises. We never lie or cheat. We maintain a high level of professionalism and ethics with all of our customers and coworkers. Only those with the aforementioned attributes can have a successful career at Sunlux.



We work hard at all facets of innovation. In cultivating innovation, we create an environment that inspires new ideas, solves problems, and creates new opportunities.



Sunlux strive to provide selfless, enthusiastic service. With a friendly attitude, positive thinking, and peer encouragement, we foster a great work environment. In face of difficulties and challenges, you will find us in constant pursuit of perfection and excellence. Through these ideals, we satisfy our customers and coworkers. We also apply this same enthusiasm to creating work-life balance.


Environmental Protection:

Sunlux is committed to ensure legal compliance in its business operations. Compliance assessments are performed according to various environmental standards . With respect to waste management, the traditional practice of cleaning and disposal has been converted to the idea of effective resource management. Many departments have implemented the idea in their daily routines and innovative approaches are encouraged. Emission standards for prevention of air and water pollution specified by the Environmental Protection Administration were met.